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Student-Bay F.A.Qs

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How do I register?

On the top left hand side of the homepage click on the “create a new account” link, follow the instructions in this section to complete your registration. If you are a returning member click on the log in link on the homepage.

I’ve forgotten my username/password…

Go to the log in link (look above) and click on either the forgotten password or forgotten username link. For both you will be required to enter your email address and if you’ve forgotten your username you will also be required to enter the name of your university/college

If you have entered your details correctly you will receive an email. Follow the instructions in this email to access your account.

I’ve entered my email details correctly but haven’t received my new password?

It may take a while for the email to arrive in your account so keep a look out alternatively it could have been mistaken for spam and be in your email junk folder.

General Questions

Are there any charges?

No, we are a completely free platform, our aim is to get as many students trading on Student-Bay and genuinely benefitting from the transactions that take place. We believe the best way to do this is by being open to all students.

What is Meet-Up and why should I use it?

Our Meet-Up function is designed to help students gain the greatest benefits from trading with each other with minimal costs. Effectively it alongside our messenger application allows students to meet up in common locations to buy and sell their goods in person. The idea being that this allows both the buyer and the seller to transact faster as there is no waiting time for the product or the payment, there are no additional charges such as Postage and Packaging. Buyers can also inspect the actual product and not just an image.

What is Messenger?

Our Messenger application allows buyers and sellers to communicate about the product and arrange meet up locations.

Which universities do we cover?

We are open to all university students, everywhere! As an online platform we do not face geographical restrictions. If we do not have a presence at your university yet spread our message to other students and help create a local Student-Bay community in your area.

Tweet Us: https://twitter.com/StudentBay1 Facebook Us :https://www.facebook.com/StudentBay

How to contact us?

Simply click on the Contact Us tab on the homepage from there you can either write us a direct message or email us

The legal stuff

I have been delivered an inferior/different item?

Student-Bay cannot take liability for the transactions and the subsequent result of the transactions that take place between users however to mitigate the risk towards users we have created the Meet-Up function which allows users to meet and inspect the item before money is exchanged

When meeting with the seller please always inspect the item properly and never buy the item unless you are absolutely satisfied with what you are buying.

I haven’t received my payment, what should I do?

As we expect most of our transactions to take place via the Meet-Up function this situation is unlikely to arise, in the event that it does save all the conversations you had with the buyer on the Messenger as these conversations are proof of your agreement also contact your university student union as they may be able to provide legal support.

My account/My Product

How do I upload a product?

In order to upload a product log in to your account and click on the upload a product section (at the bottom) and follow the instructions to complete your upload.

How do I choose a Meet-Up location?

Meet-Up locations should be chosen by buyers and sellers through the messenger application, we always advise that you try and meet on campus or in a familiar location and to meet during daylight hours. We strongly advise that you do not meet in someone’s house/accommodation.

Have a look at our messenger tips (on the website and in our blog) for more information

How long will it take for the product to be delivered?

We expect most users to use the Meet-Up application to complete transactions and therefore expect the product to be “delivered” as soon as this transaction is completed. If you have agreed with the seller to have the product posted the delivery time will depend on the type of postage used.

How do I make an offer?

Visit the product page and click on the message button at the bottom. This will prompt you to send a message to the seller who you can then communicate with in regards to meeting up and completing the transaction (alternatively you can also arrange postage if you prefer)

How much does it cost to upload a product?

It is free to upload a product

What is our returns policy?

This depends on the product and the seller. To view a particular products return policy click on the Returns Info section on the Product Page

What are the Postage & Packaging costs?

If you chose to have the product posted these costs will depend on the method of postage used. Please visit the Royal Mail website for further information.

Is there something we missed?

If you still have any questions simply send us a message using the Contact Us section detailed above