Some more information on our updates

Hi Guys,

As I mentioned in our previous post we are updating some of the functions on Student-Bay. This post explains key changes to specific pages and what to expect.

1. The Homepage.

Blog Image Homepage

We have now added Join Up and Log In buttons to the centre of the page, this makes it easier to find the Log In and Join Up buttons and to access them.

2. The Log In page.

Blog image log in

We have added a rolling total of the number of students who have signed up to Student-Bay so far (129 students so far! Yay!) . You can see this just above the Join and Log In sections of the page.

The Join section has also been highlighted in blue so that it’s easier to see.

3. The Sell your Belongings page

Blog Image


We have added a rolling total of the number of students who joined Student-Bay to this page too.

We’ve added these changes to Student-Bay to hopefully make it a bit more enjoyable to use. Let us know what you think of the website and our updates.

Thanks for supporting us!

Until next time.

Reshmi :)

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