Some more information on our updates

Hi Guys,

As I mentioned in our previous post we are updating some of the functions on Student-Bay. This post explains key changes to specific pages and what to expect.

1. The Homepage.

Blog Image Homepage

We have now added Join Up and Log In buttons to the centre of the page, this makes it easier to find the Log In and Join Up buttons and to access them.

2. The Log In page.

Blog image log in

We have added a rolling total of the number of students who have signed up to Student-Bay so far (129 students so far! Yay!) . You can see this just above the Join and Log In sections of the page.

The Join section has also been highlighted in blue so that it’s easier to see.

3. The Sell your Belongings page

Blog Image


We have added a rolling total of the number of students who joined Student-Bay to this page too.

We’ve added these changes to Student-Bay to hopefully make it a bit more enjoyable to use. Let us know what you think of the website and our updates.

Thanks for supporting us!

Until next time.

Reshmi :)

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A note on upgrades and changes to the Student-Bay’s website


Updating student-Bay










Hi everyone.

Since we launched Student-Bay we’ve had some great feedback from students regarding how we can improve the the website so based on their advice we’ve decided to upgrade some of the functions on Student-Bay’s website to help make the website more friendly to use.

We believe that the changes we are making will benefit the website in the long term however there may be some small disruptions to the website in the short term. We’ll be posting on changes to specific pages so keep an eye out!

We expect the upgrades to be completed in a month and will keep you updated.

Thank you for reading and for continuing to support Student-Bay. We really appreciate it!

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Until next time





A bit about Student-Bay

Student-Bay is an online market place for students from different universities to meet and trade all their university essentials . Buy and sell your university belongings, that’s what it says on our homepage and this signifies the heart of Student-Bay’s ethos.

Our primary purpose is to help students make the most of their time at university more affordable and as a result more enjoyable.

Students can trade using two main sections

  1. Books
  2. HomeWare

The Books section can range from Academic texts to works of fiction. The HomeWare section is designed for any product that doesn’t fall into the Books category.

The main way to trade is through our Meet-Up and Messenger functions. If you want to buy a product you simply send a message (through Student-Bay Messenger) to the person who has uploaded the product and organise a common place to meet-up and collect. We’ve created this system so you really get to see what you’re buying and don’t have to pay any additional postage charges.

Unlike other online market places Student-Bay doesn’t charge any commission, we’re designed to help you get rid of clutter and save money.

Finally our website is still a Beta, this means that we’re still adjusting it and developing it to meet your needs. Keep an eye out for updates and let us know if there’s anything you would like improved on the website.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to comment

The Student-Bay team

Welcome to our blog

Hi everyone! Welcome to Student-Bay’s blog. This section is perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about the purpose of the website and how to make the most of their Student-Bay experience.

Enjoy :)